Awesome dude.


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Indie Game: The Movie

A few days ago I ordered Indie Game: The Movie

Lets check it out!

1: Looks very interesting!

holy grail

2: Wauu!

looks great

If you don't see a vulnerability in somebody, you're probably not relating with them on a very personal level. - Jonathan Blow

3: And a"free" notebook!

I did pay alot for shipping & danish taxes
Free notebook

4: Very cool art - cover & poster

Cd cover

Made by: Edmund McMillen from Super Meat Boy

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This one is going to be framed!


Poster 2

The things I've sacrificed are social. You kind of have to give up something to have something great. -Tommy Refenes

The conclusion:

Worth every penny (of course, what else) Buy it!

Buy the Special Edition! (Be quick it's a Limited edition)!