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Download files from your SnapChat

While playing around with the popular SnapChat App with some friends. I was kind of wondering if captured photos is stored on the iPhone - and can they be restored after viewing on the Mac?

First of all- what I did: Install iFunBox (No jailbreak or SSH required)! It allows you to download files from your SnapChat app to your Mac. Oh and it’s free! ;)


Just another prove that nothing is hidden from the internet or your iPhone! ;-)

1. Connect your iPhone. Find the SnapChat folder and then find the tmp folder. Nothing will be in it

2. On your iPhone, open Snapchat and go to the screen where it shows you that you have an awaiting Snapchat to open BUT DO NOT OPEN.

3. The file will now pop up in the tmp folder on your Mac.

4. Hit Copy to Mac and it is now yours forever!