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Landscape and map-level

Landscape art isn't that easy as I thought it would be!!

I'm still working on a map-level and it's a slowly progress..

1) My crazy thoughts: I had this great idea with an (ancient) Greek ship and Hector. It was like a movie in my head, and I was pretty sure that this was going to be awesome!


BUT this movie in my mind died pretty quickly and the ship was only used as a very small tile in the map-level.

I felt like.. It was too much work for nothing! :(

2) From drawing to map/level: A quick idea on paper..
Sketch idea

Below: My first tests, idea, sketch and painting for the concept.
First sketch and ideas

Mapping (Failed more than once!): The ship as seen at the top is like a little dot on image 4 (which is the current version. Original size of the PSD-file: 2048x600 pixel)!

landscape map tests

This was basically what I was doing at the end of my summer holiday.

I'll show you some animation with Hector and Mr. Stone later on.. (The Beast/Monster)!